Monday, June 4, 2012

I review this book by reading it with my husband. We are both big readers and I had read the author Ton'e Brown book Shared Gratitude and it had such inspiration that I had to read her new book release Rough Patch ~ Twisted Fate. 

My husband said, please not another drama type book. But it kept our attention and he read it with me to the end which surprised me. Sometimes it's hard to keep his attention unless its real action. I am going to post his review and then I will give my own personal review. 

Let's start with the basic story line and then share our thoughts to the book.  

It starts off with quick emotions to the challenge of a child's broken relationship with her parents that leads her to live homeless on the streets. This character carries the story with it's encounters with the other characters. Such as, Dell who is a strong spiritual man who looses control of his life when he falls victim to fraud and the deception of his close friend Roger. Now, I admit reading his story had me upset, and at times on pins and needles waiting to see how his outcome unfolds. It was crazy mad stuff and I couldn't wait for us to get to the end of the book to see how it played out for him. 

Now his friend Roger was a nail bitter for me. Ridiculous, that's what I have to say about his character. Don't know how Ton'e came up with this story but it was very captivating. 

It continues with the life of this little girl name Frances who  grows up to maturity and the impact she has on the lives she encounters, as well as, the impact to her own life. With each relationship you can see the help of unexpected angel's and the power of prayer to each situation they were forced to face. Rather it was the affect of poor self-images or the betrayal of the relationships that turn out to be no good for anyone. 

This story was enlightening, it inspired hope and it gives you the insight into a world you know you never want to experience on a personal level. If I had to share what I learned in reading this book, I would say it made me mindful to protecting my financial records because you really don't know the people around you life situation that would make them do things unintended to protect themselves. Also, we learned we should count our blessings to the grace we are given in our own personal lives. Nothing should be taken for granted because anything could happen to be life changing.

Now, our review of Rough Patch ~ Twisted Fate 

Pete Carter

This book was an eye opener into the realization to how fast life can actually change on you. You can be living your life one minute, and one decision can have an affect that can totally disturb everything you think you know about life and the people in it. I enjoyed reading the book with my wife and highly recommend it.

May J. Carter

It was a well written book with identifiable characters and a heartwarming story that were full of surprising twist. Yes, I would highly recommend this book to become part of your book collection. 

If you are a true novel reader of fiction and non fiction you would  become engross to the point you would want to get to the end but be afraid to because you would be afraid of what you miss in the middle. The way Ton'e tied all the characters into the main character had great dynamics that not one character was left pointless.

To the author 
Best of luck with this book I believe when your readers get into the depth of the story it will be an impact.

Pete Carter and May J. Carter